My Daughter - Watercolor Artist Design
My Daughter - Watercolor Artist Design

I was born and bred in Enfield, Middlesex, England and I'm a mum to a beautiful daughter called Bethany. We are very close, and we enjoy martial arts, music, singing, laughter and movies. I  consider myself to be a self taught visual artist and website designer. 

My passion for Photography began in 2009 and for Visual Arts in 2011 which is when I began to play around with Adobe Photoshop and the photos I had captured myself or the photos of my favourite celebrities.  I began transforming photos into art and started to receive some great compliments for my digital art work from celebrities, friends and family. 


In 2018 I had a deep desire to become a professional artist, so in March 2019 I began drawing wildlife animals using either colouring pencils or Pastel Pencils, soft Pastels and Pastel sticks, and soon realised that I was rather good at it. I am continuing to learn in this area with the help of a talented wildlife artist called Jason Morgan.

I also enjoy capturing photos of  Wildlife Birds and Landscape. I mainly focus on are Mute Swans, Cygnets, Greylag Geese, Goslings, and Ducks. These are captured at Hillsborough Forest Park which has a beautiful Lake that you can walk around. 

My favourite city to photographed was Rome, although I only had a day to capture these photos. I wish I had longer. It's beautiful with lots of history and art. My favourite landscape would be at Murlough National Nature Reserve, Northern Ireland, and you guessed right, it's untouched with lots of wildlife and beauty. Murlough Beach is the place I fell in love with Photography. Especially as the sun rose and set. Stunning to watch.

I'm grateful for each and everyday I get to spend travelling to these beautiful locations. 

Over the next coming months, or maybe even years I will be focusing on Pastel drawing, both with wildlife animals and people. I look forward to showing you all my art work.