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Rachel Maytum
Rachel Maytum


I was born and bred in Enfield, Middlesex, England and I'm a mum to a beautiful daughter called Bethany. We are very close, and we enjoy martial arts, music, singing, laughter and movies. I  consider myself to be a self taught visual artist and website designer. 

My passion for Visual Arts began in 2011 when I began to play around with Adobe Photoshop and the photos I had captured myself or the photos of my favourite celebrities. I began transforming photos into art and started to receive some great compliments for my digital art work from celebrities, friends and family.  This led me to have a deep desire to become a professional artist.

In 2018 I began drawing wildlife animals using either colouring pencils or Pastel Pencils, soft Pastels and Pastel sticks, and soon realised that I was rather good at it. I followed tutorials which were created by a talented wildlife artist called Jason Morgan. They helped me have an understanding of what art tools to use and how to use those tools. 

Since then, I've progressed in the area of Pastel People Portrait drawings and have received lovely compliments from Celebrities I have drew, saying,

"You're an amazing artist".

Through the friendships I made online and people seeing how creative I am, I was asked by Chad Michael Collins, who is an actor, to design a website for a film that was being released. Due to the work I did on the High Moon website I was then asked to redesign his personal website. Since then I have gained several clients through word of mouth and I'm now offering my services to the public.

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Animal, People and Celebrity Art

Realistic Pastel Drawings & Digital Artworks

Rachel is a visual artist who caters to Animal & People Portrait Art Lovers, specialising in realistic pastel drawing commissioned art, with the purpose to transform your favourite photo into a unique, one of a kind art piece.

Her art work can be viewed via her Pastel Pencil Drawing page.

Rachel is also a website designer who caters for actors and producers with the purpose of designing affordable, mobile friendly, beautifully crafted websites that will showcase your official trailers, talents, skills, and attract your ideal bookings, film and TV projects and merchandise sales.

She either uses WIX or WordPress platforms to design your website. For more information, please check out her Website Design page.

If you have any enquiries about the commissioned art or website design services, please contact Rachel and she'll be happy to assist you.