Photography To Art


Swans In Love

Hillsborough Lake
Hillsborough Lake

When living in Northern Ireland, I would love to go visit Hillsborough Forest Park to walk around the lake and captures photos of Swans, Geese and ducks. I captured this beautiful shot of two swans approaching each other, revealing how they would like to pair up with each other, ready for the mating season. Their wings slightly spread out. 

A Storm Design

I decided to create a 'Storm Design' of this image using Adobe Photoshop CC and a Storm Design Photoshop action. Once the storm action was complete, I worked through the Storm default action layers to create a unique design. You can see how it completely transformed the image to create a piece of art. 

A Vintage Design

Chad Michael Collins
Chad Michael Collins

Transform Photo Into Art

I love how using Adobe Photoshop Actions can change the look of the image. I used this process for many of my photos and celebrity photos, using a variety of designs to create a unique look, such as; Storm, Grunge, Flames, Watercolor, Artist, Vintage and many more. It definitely make the images stand out from the rest. 

Turn Your Photo Into Art

I do offer a service for those that would like me to transform their photos into art. Check out my Photo Into Art page for more details.