Flanery Art Designs - Inspired By Sean Patrick Flanery


During the year of 2017, I began to follow the journey of Sean Patrick Flanery via Twitter and Instagram. It was all thanks to Norman Reedus and the Flandus fans who would post images and fan art of both Flanery and Reedus. I was intrigued to find out more about him and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was a brilliant author, talented actor and a BJJ black belt (currently a third degree black belt). 

My Inspiration and Motivation...

I wish I had come to know him sooner. I had watched him, in the past, in a variety of films and TV shows but never looked him up via social media. I'm glad that I finally did choose to because Flanery has be my inspiration and motivation for many things that I have done since.

One of those things is my fan art...

As soon as I saw that Flanery had written a book called Jane Two, I bought it and began reading it. I instantly fell in love with the way he wrote and how he was able to take you on a journey of young love and inspire you with his Grandaddy wisdom. It took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions and when I came to the end I just wanted there to be another book by Flanery for me to read. I absolutely loved and look forward to the day when He publishes his second book. 

Jane Two Design...

During in the time | was reading it, I created many different pieces of Jane Two fan art and have since then created some Jane Two designs which are now available via Society6. Here is one of my Graphic Art - Jane Two designs that I created. 

I feel blessed to have come to know Sean Patrick Flanery because he has helped me to overcome my fears and work towards the dreams that I have. If ever you have a question to ask, go to Flanery's Twitter profile and ask  him. He provides honest and motivational responses, such as the one below. 

Flanery was the reason I began my R.M. Designs business. I learnt that I needed to chase my want...and what I wanted to do was become an artist. I also have several other wants which I'm working towards. 

Thank you Sean Patrick Flanery… for always inspiring and motivating me to work towards my goals, to be healthy, to be fit and to live the life I long to live.